Suspended Fireplaces Are Space Saving Architectural Beauties

Hanging fireplaces add a sophistication factor in the room décor. It can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted along the wall it can be the focal point that grabs attention.

Wall-mounted suspended fireplaces

  • A great option for those homeowners who desire a fireplace without bulkiness.
  • Small spaces adore this wall-hugging unit.
  • A great space saver for any room.

Double side square 

  • Hanging fireplace in a square shape looks distinctive than its round cousin.
  • You can clearly see through it!
  • It can act as a great room divider between the living room and dining area or the kitchen and dining room or a large living area can be split.

360° view 

  • Everyone in the living room will enjoy the full glass surrounded hanging fireplace.
  • The option for glass includes black glass, smoke or bronze.

Oval shaped

  • Rooms with a high ceiling can install a suspended oval fireplace.
  • Space with many hardlines [columns, beams, floor tile pattern] can opt for a curved fireplace unit to soften the surrounding.

Suspended Fireplaces Are Space Saving Architectural Beauties

Stainless steel 

  • A contemporary masterpiece designed for a modern yet retro vibe.
  • In minimalistic spaces, the stainless-steel hanging fireplaces work great.
  • It offers a focal point with clear and clean lines.

Round or orb-style

  • Orb-style is an unexpected twist to your interiors.
  • The round door defines a nautical theme, while the round cavity looks retro.


  • A suspended designer fireplace can be tailored according to your home style.
  • The architect and interior designer will ensure that the ceiling can hold the weight of a customized large hanging fireplace.